Thursday, July 7, 2011

Old Friends and Memories

This is the first addition to my blog in ages.. and ages.. But I am motivated by my memories of friendship with my late passed great uncle who I only briefly had the pleasure of sharing time with. It seems like more and more we find excuses not to do the things we enjoy including seeing the ones we love. I am grateful that the time we spent together was cherished and will be remembered. Even when our worlds seemed years apart we connected with our curiosity and imaginations. Uncle Lloyd was a carpenter, a painter, a photographer, a father, a friend and although youthful at heart his body was unable to contain his energy. Perhaps he now enjoys unlimited youth and freedom behind the scenes of this entirely connected world. I could see the fabric of creation in his eyes, as if he had experienced everything but wanted one last time to see it in new light. I feel now that he is in the light and touches everything that he once could not.

Lloyd you will forever have touched me and I thank you.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

East Central Labrador

One of many river valleys that continue to drain the land into the sea. Where once stood young mountains now sit rock legends surrounded by hills and terraces of glaciated sand.

The sand is carried for hundreds of miles through large networks of rivers before falling at the mouth of narrow coastal inlets.

Valleys of deep sand allow young rivers to leave abstract routes. The bends eventually pinch off leaving bow shaped ponds.

A steady and strong flow of water generating standing waves near the mouth of the Kanairtok river. In mid July the returning salmon will swim hard to move deep inland to the spawning ground.

The modern vessels used by the natives in Postville to catch atlantic char on their route into the river mouths.

White water surging over rocks at the mouth of the Kanairtok river.

Footprints in the sand left by a fisherman looking for a lucky pool.

Thanks to the helicopter for arial support in exploring the Labrador wild.

The Gods point of view.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Close up's around the water

Sometimes we need to stop, look, listen and see the finer things in life. Although apparently lifeless it moves accross the water like a life raft waiting for a survivor.

Foxtrap marina

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The southern end of the harbour near the ship yard. A full stack of freight await transport to or from the shore.

A panoramic of harbour drive with the new development in front of the keg.

A cool little drive ramp into the car park.

A nice sunny day at the beach. The swell was rolling nicely. My board lies on the grass after two hours in the water.

An HDR image of the spring melt.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Discoveries in Newfoundland

A narrow spit connecting the peninsula in Ferryland. Also the location of the Colony of Avalon settlement.
The coast guard vessle leaving port in St.Johns surrounded by bits of floating ice..

Pouch cove.

A bald eagle swooping into the trees where where my girlfriend stood. I was lucky to have my camera around my neck, and to still have a girlfriend. Styles Cove

Caribou grazing on dried grass and caribou moss outside of Buchans.

An old rusted steam powerd wench used in the mill at Millertown.

Northern Lights bursting in the night sky above a Labrador exploration camp.

The reflection of the morning sky in a still estuary near Trepassey. Sheltered from the pounding sea beyond the cobblestone beach.

A frozen water fall over the cliffs at Middle Cove beach.

Boats on dry dock in Quidi Vidi harbour looking from the east coast trail.

Cape Spear.

A violent surf breaks over the man made break water near Old Perlican.

Big wave rolling into the cliffs of Middle Cove beach

Looking north from Middle Cove point to Torbay.

Chance Cove beach with people fishing in the sheltered river.

Topsail beach looking out to Bell Island.

Topsail beach looking into Conception Bay.

Peters River. A beautiful town with a glorious beach.