Friday, December 5, 2008

The other side of the Atlantic - Portugal

View from our balcony of crowds of surfers waiting on a consistent beach break in Baleal.
World renouned barreling left beach break of Super Tubos. A little too heavy for my taste.
The beautiful city of Porto in northeast Portugal. Ships in the foreground would transport port down the river from insland vinyards.

Downtown Lisbon in the evening. The moon just rising above a 15 th century castle.

The easiest and most common way of drying clothes.

A beautiful right peeler down the beach from Super's. My style of wave.

Panoramic taken at first light in Baleal.

Playa Grande, host of the European champianships for surfing. We wake up to feel the ocean spray from pounding surf. A priceless hotel view.

One body boarder wishing he had stayed in the water for a few minutes longer. One surfer waiting for the tub on a set wave.

The most westerly point in continental Europe.

Standing under the bridge in Porto.

Me on a fast peeling beach break.

Panoramic of Baleal at sunset.

Dried cod fish or "Bacalhau" in downtown Lisbon.


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