Monday, February 16, 2009

New Discoveries in Newfoundland

A narrow spit connecting the peninsula in Ferryland. Also the location of the Colony of Avalon settlement.
The coast guard vessle leaving port in St.Johns surrounded by bits of floating ice..

Pouch cove.

A bald eagle swooping into the trees where where my girlfriend stood. I was lucky to have my camera around my neck, and to still have a girlfriend. Styles Cove

Caribou grazing on dried grass and caribou moss outside of Buchans.

An old rusted steam powerd wench used in the mill at Millertown.

Northern Lights bursting in the night sky above a Labrador exploration camp.

The reflection of the morning sky in a still estuary near Trepassey. Sheltered from the pounding sea beyond the cobblestone beach.

A frozen water fall over the cliffs at Middle Cove beach.

Boats on dry dock in Quidi Vidi harbour looking from the east coast trail.

Cape Spear.

A violent surf breaks over the man made break water near Old Perlican.

Big wave rolling into the cliffs of Middle Cove beach

Looking north from Middle Cove point to Torbay.

Chance Cove beach with people fishing in the sheltered river.

Topsail beach looking out to Bell Island.

Topsail beach looking into Conception Bay.

Peters River. A beautiful town with a glorious beach.

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