Saturday, July 11, 2009

East Central Labrador

One of many river valleys that continue to drain the land into the sea. Where once stood young mountains now sit rock legends surrounded by hills and terraces of glaciated sand.

The sand is carried for hundreds of miles through large networks of rivers before falling at the mouth of narrow coastal inlets.

Valleys of deep sand allow young rivers to leave abstract routes. The bends eventually pinch off leaving bow shaped ponds.

A steady and strong flow of water generating standing waves near the mouth of the Kanairtok river. In mid July the returning salmon will swim hard to move deep inland to the spawning ground.

The modern vessels used by the natives in Postville to catch atlantic char on their route into the river mouths.

White water surging over rocks at the mouth of the Kanairtok river.

Footprints in the sand left by a fisherman looking for a lucky pool.

Thanks to the helicopter for arial support in exploring the Labrador wild.

The Gods point of view.

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